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Contena Update: New materials, improved tools, certificates, and more!

We've made some big updates over the last year to help you get started with remote writing.

Here’s an inside look at the updates we made to help you have your best year ever, regardless of if you are an existing member, or looking to get started with Contena today.  

Academy 3.0

Contena Academy is designed for beginners and experienced writers alike. For new writers, it can be a scary jump from thinking about becoming a freelance writer to actually deciding you’re going to become one!

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

We created Contena Academy for this exact purpose. No experience? No problem. Through the Academy courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to succeed as a freelance writer.

We walk you through building your business from scratch, how to provide writing samples that catch client attention, the negotiation process, and how to upsell — plus everything in between.

Each module features videos and in-depth information alongside downloadable worksheets. Any questions you have about being a freelance writer, we answer it here.

Already have experience as a published writer? Our 9-module course provides awesome resources for you too! Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your sales pitch to secure more work, or dig into ways to upsell your current clients, we have the information and guidance you need – all at your fingertips.

Not a member yet but ready to sign up?

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Now with just one click, you have access to all of our downloadable resources! 

Here is an inside look at our materials:

  • The basics of better writing: This is where you teach you how to build a strong writing foundation. You’ll find worksheets on discovering and nailing your niche, specific ways to improve your writing skills, self-editing checklists so you can identify and avoid common structural and grammatical mistakes, and how to collect winning testimonials to set yourself apart.

  • Landing your ideal clients: Now that you have your writing samples ready (see Publish for more information) learn how to scope your projects, review scripts to help you negotiate and what to charge for your work, find suggestions on removing any risk for potential clients by offering a test drive, and review email strategies that show you the best ways to communicate with clients – and apply for remote jobs with confidence.

  • Take it to the next level: Once you’ve got some wins under your belt (take a look at our Wall of Wins for more member success stories!) learn how to upsell. We have materials on pitching monthly service plans, how to offer content updates as a monthly subscription, and even writing and managing social posts for your clients.

Not sure where to look for specific materials? Use the new search bar to quickly find the information you need.

Member Coaching

Contena Members are paired with one of our Contena Coaches, who provide 1:1 support to guide you through your freelance writing journey. From Day 1, we make sure you have the materials and support needed to succeed! You can also submit your writing samples and pitch template and we'll provide feedback right away to help you reach your goals.

Bonus: With a Platinum membership, you always have access to your coach. You’re able to share all of your pitches, articles, cover letters, and more and receive dedicated feedback. We’ve found continued support when your career blossoms and grows is beneficial to our members, so we’re always here and available to answer any questions you may have.

Certificate of Completion:

You've done the work, now take the credit! Once you've worked your way through the Academy and submitted your materials for review, you can receive a Certificate of Completion

Simply click “Request Your Certificate” and we’ll do the rest!

Access to Publish:

We created Publish to be an all-in-one platform that makes it simple for writers to create and share their content online, and in 2020 we made a ton of changes to take it to the next level.

Here are just a few of the features you’ll now find within the Publish platform:

  • All of our members have access to Publish. This helps you to get up and running quickly, as there is no need to build a website, plus sharing your writing with potential clients is super easy.

  • Get featured! Every day, we showcase a new writer on the front page of Publish. Publish of the Day is a great way to get some street cred, and reach a bigger audience.

  • Make your content your own. You can now add a summary of your piece as a preview for readers, include tags to make your articles more easily found, and include images with captions within the body of your work.

  • All of our original features are still included. Change page themes, show off your style with serif or sans-serif fonts, save your work as drafts, share private links, or share your work publicly.

We’re adding even more added to Publish in 2021, so stay tuned!

Jobs, Leads, Submissions, Alerts:

Finally, no more endless hours spent searching for jobs! We find the best writing jobs for you. Now, you can save or favorite jobs you want to apply to, or create email alerts based on your niche. In addition to job listings, you have access to our database of contact information for thousands of companies that hire writers.

We do the work for you so you can focus on what you love — writing.

We know you can succeed in your freelance writing career, and we're here to support you throughout every step of your journey. 

Cheers to your successes in 2021! 

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